The Empress and the Empty Set

Empress Jessamine Kaldwin I

The Empire of the Isles has been ruled by several dynasties since its founding in 1625, as well as regencies in times of crisis.[1] Listed here are all the rulers the Empire has known:

Morgengaard dynasty

  • Finlay Morgengaard I (1626-1651)
  • Valessa Morgengaard (1651-1668)
  • Jalle Morgengaard (1668-1669)
  • Hurien Morgengaard (1678-1705)

Rhydderch dynasty

  • Aneirin Rhydderch (1669-1675)
  • Ailish Rhydderch (1675-1678)

Olaskir dynasty

  • Yefim Olaskir (1705-1714)
  • Zolanna Olaskir (1714-1727)
  • Daniil Olaskir (1727-1751)
  • Alexy Olaskir (1751-1783)
  • Larisa Olaskir (1783-1801)

Kaldwin dynasty



  • Alexy Olaskir's reign was the longest in the Empire's history, ruling for over 32 years.
  • Corvo is able to become Emperor at the end of Dishonored 2 so long as the player does not free Emily.


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