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Empress Jessamine Kaldwin I

The Rulers of the Empire of the Isles hold the title of Emperor or Empress, although in times of crisis a Lord Regent assumes leadership.[1] The monarch or regent typically resides in Dunwall Tower within the Imperial capital of Dunwall in Gristol. A succession of several dynasties have controlled the throne since the Empire's founding in 1625.[2] All known rulers are listed below.

List of Rulers[]

Ruler Dynasty Start of Reign End of Reign
Finlay Morgengaard I Morgengaard 1626 1651
Valessa Morgengaard 1651 1668
Jalle Morgengaard 1668 1669
Aneirin Rhydderch Rhydderch 1669 1675
Ailish Rhydderch 1675 1678
Hurien Morgengaard Morgengaard 1678 1705
Yefim Olaskir Olaskir 1705 1714
Zolana Olaskir 1714 1727
Daniil Olaskir 1727 1751
Alexy Olaskir 1751 1783
Larisa Olaskir 1783 1801
Unidentified Lord Regent Regency 1801 1803
Euhorn Jacob Kaldwin I Kaldwin 1803 1825
Jessamine Kaldwin I 1825 1837
Hiram Burrows Regency 1837 1837
Farley Havelock 1837 1837
Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin Kaldwin 1837 1852
Delilah Kaldwin I 1852 1852
Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin
1852 Incumbent


  • Alexy Olaskir's reign of 32 years was the longest in the Empire's history.
  • Corvo Attano is able to become Emperor at the end of Dishonored 2 if the player chooses to sit on the throne without freeing Emily.
  • Euhorn Kaldwin was crowned Emperor after the Olaskir dynasty failed to produce any heir.[4]