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The Royal Morley Constabulary, or simply the Constabulary, is the policing and military forces of Morley.


The Constabulary performs a similar function to the City Watch in Dunwall, though having jurisdiction over all cities, towns, and villages throughout the country. They also double as the Morley's armed forces, similar to the Grand Guard of Karnaca. The branch in Wynnedown is called Wynnedown Constabulary[1] or Wynnedown Guard[2]. After the Three-day War in 1853, the King and Queen of Morley started to employ them as personal guards and servants. The Constabulary recruit from all regions of the country, as a matter of pride and unity.[3] The constables carry themselves with at most professionalism, often becoming very rigid and formal, especially in the company of their rulers.

The relationship between the Constabulary and the League of Protectors is unclear, though it was mentioned by Sal, one of the League's agents, that they are covertly supplied with military-grade small arms from the Constabulary.[4]

Ranks and Positions[]

  • Chief Constable: high-ranking officers. They wear forest-green tunics made out of a rich, deep velvet, over brilliant white pants, and round peaked cap. White leather bandoliers crisscross their chests, and two pistols holstered at the hips.[5]
  • Officer of unknown rank, under the command of Chief Constable: they wear similar uniform to Chief Constable's, but with tall helmets. The helmets are cover in heavy red fabric, their chinstraps and peaks are shining white. These officers are also equipped with two pistols.[5]
  • Constable: their uniforms consist of forest-green jackets with white leather bandoliers, white pants stuck into high black boots, and peaked caps with bright scarlet crowns.[6] They wear black capes over their uniforms for night-shift duties.[7]