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A hall in the conservatory.

The Royal Conservatory of Karnaca is a building in Dishonored 2 located in Cyria Gardens[1], where the mission of the same name takes place. Either Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin must eliminate the Royal Curator and follower of Delilah Copperspoon, Breanna Ashworth.[2]


The Royal Conservatory is the fruit of a partnership between Gristol and Serkonos during the reigns of Emperor Euhorn Jacob Kaldwin and Duke Theodanis Abele. Construction started around 1813[3] and it was finally inaugurated in 1819.[4] The conservatory was dedicated by the Emperor in honor of his late wife, Beatrix Blayne Kaldwin, passed away the year before.[5]

The conservatory showcases the studies of the Academy of Natural Philosophy but also the history of Karnaca. Notably in its collection are large stuffed and mechanized fauna and displays of Karnaca's mining industry. It became even more renown across the Empire when Breanna Ashworth became Curator, finding rare artifacts and oddities to display and even artwork of her own making.[6] As of 1852, it houses an exhibition on Esmond Roseburrow and the discovery of whale oil's energetic potential, which was cancelled after Ashworth closed the conservatory to the public on the pretense of mite infestation.[7]

In truth, Ashworth used the place to house Delilah's reborn coven of witches. She also started working in secret with Kirin Jindosh on the Oraculum, a device which can manipulate the prophecies of the Sisters of the Oracular Order. This device is essential both to hide Delilah's plans from the Abbey of the Everyman, but also for her to create prophecies in her favor and spread her influence.

Dishonored 2[]

By the time of the Coup in Dunwall, Duke Luca Abele had Cyria Gardens and the Royal Conservatory locked down and patrolled by the Grand Guard. This odd behavior and the disappearance of Karnacans around the conservatory started spreading rumors. Meanwhile, the Royal Conservatory started falling in disrepair due to its mismanagement and the actions of the witches, who spread bloodfly nests across the building.

Death of the Outsider[]

After the fall of Delilah, a combined group of Warfare Overseers and Oracular Sisters have retaken the conservatory from the now powerless witches and have either captured or killed the witches inside. While the Overseers have started interrogating the witches, the Oracular Order has started searching for heretical documents and artifacts, including runes and bone charms. In addition, the Oraculum has been secured and the effects and aftermath of the witches' actions at the Conservatory have been or are being removed. As a result, the Conservatory is under cleanup and both Overseers and Oracular Sisters can be found roaming the hallways. The Conservatory and the nearby district are under lockdown, allowing the Abbey full control of the cleanup efforts.


  • Emily claims that she wanted to visit the Conservatory with Wyman.
  • A Sokolov Industries' wall of light can be found in a workshop on the 1st floor.


Dishonored 2[]

Death of the Outsider[]


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