Rothwild slaughterhouse front

The Rothwild Slaughterhouse.

The Rothwild Slaughterhouse is one of Dunwall's premier whaling slaughterhouses, located along Slaughterhouse Row. It is owned by a man named Bundry Rothwild and defended by his butchers--workers who use buzz-saws to cut up whales and potential enemies.

The Rothwild Slaughterhouse also owns numerous indentured and imprisoned workers, and the ship known as the Delilah.

Inside the slaughterhouse is a room for gathering oil from the whales, a room for slaughtering the whales and stripping them of their flesh, a room for processing oil (a task that was once done at the Greaves Refinery before it closed), a meat packaging area with a meat storage locker, a shipping area, an archives room, an office, a locker room for the workers, and a canteen. Outside the building is a yard, which contains pipes meant to send oil to the now-closed Greaves Refinery, a break house, and docks.

The Rothwild Slaughterhouse has three entrances: the main entrance in the front, the delivery entrance high up on the right side of the building, and an underground entrance through the sewers.


  • In the canteen, there is a message written on the chalkboard telling employees not to spit on the floor, and underneath that is a second warning, reading: "If you puke on the premises you won't be invited back inside for a week."
    • The menu in the canteen includes: Salted Potatoes, Mushroom Bread, Eel Stew, The Duchess' Knuckles, and Gazelle Shank.
  • According to a book, it is rumored that "the waters outside the Rothwild Slaughterhouse produce the largest and tastiest hagfish."
    • The author explains that "this is most likely due to the gut sewer leading from beneath the whales inside and delivering their organs and offal to the [...] Wrenhaven."


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