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Sister Rosewyn, meditating.

Rosewyn's Prophecies is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


19 Earth
Five red strings pulled taut over some unknown instrument. My sisters could not make sense of it. Perhaps it will reveal itself again.

3 Harvest
More political unrest in Morley. Useless squabbles to no end. At Lord Kerrington's next feast, they will display the head of a bloodox as a centerpiece, and assassinate their rival at the dinner table. I have consulted my sisters: we will write to Vice Overseer Hanlon before the Month of Rain.

17 Rain
Our sight shows us the Isles, from the trivial to the calamitous. A baker using sawdust instead of flour in Karnaca, a fishing net tangled around a dead child in Pottershed, a whisper between lovers in Dunwall Tower.

Tonight, I witnessed the Outsider's final moments in the Void.

I've imparted the danger to my sisters, but I could not divulge the true nature of my vision. It would only invite the Errant Mind. Some may greet the Outsider's death with exultation. Others would show more wisdom.

I have not yet written to the High Oracle. I fear the event will come to pass before my message could reach her. No. I know what I must do to prevent this dissolution.


The book can be found in the suspended elevator in the Royal Conservatory during the mission The Stolen Archive.