The Roseburrow Prototype on display in the Royal Conservatory.

The Roseburrow Prototype is an object in Dishonored 2. It is part of the Roseburrow Exhibition at the Royal Conservatory in Karnaca.


The Roseburrow Prototype is exhibited on a pedestal in a special room attached to the security room, and can be viewed from the main room. To enter the room the prototype is in, one must enter it from the other side. If the alarm is not deactivated, security mechanisms lock down the room once the device has been lifted from its pedestal or if the windows are broken. This alerts a nearby witch and lowers shutters over the windows and door. The shutter over the door will reopen after a short delay, but the window shutters will remained closed.

The security room can be accessed via a rat tunnel on one end, or via an opening above the (locked) door. The dead guard near the alarm control panel has the key to the door.

The shopkeeper of the nearby black market store at Cyria Gardens is keen on obtaining the device. Should Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano enter the store, the owner will ask the protagonist to obtain it for him. If they do so, he will use it to draw up a blueprint that allows the protagonist access to the Masterwork upgrades for their crossbow.


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