"We been here just a month and I'm making coin hand over fist. It's a dream come true. [...] I could kiss the one who lead [sic] us here and to that magnificent bastard."
—An excerpt from Robbie's diary[1]

Robbie is a character in Death of the Outsider. He is a member of the Eyeless and bookmaker of the faction located at Albarca Baths.

Death of the Outsider

Due to the discovery of Daud – the Black Magic Brute – he is making a fortune by pitting Daud against other combatants in an illegal fighting ring. As of yet, Daud stands undefeated. During Billie Lurk's visit to the Baths, Robbie can be encountered in the main room near the boxing ring, wandering around and checking his numbers.

Robbie lives in an apartment on the other side of the road. He has a safe in his house in which his profits are stored. He is prone to forgetting the combination, causing his fellow Eyeless Ilyra to write him a note reminding him of the combination.


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