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Roaring Boys 1

The Roaring Boys.

"I know this kind of scum. New faces, but the same old enemy."
—Corvo summing up the Roaring Boys Gang.

The Roaring Boys are one of the new gangs in Dunwall introduced during the first issue of Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit.

Originally from Drapers Ward, the Roaring Boys are a splinter faction of the Hatters who went their own way after the death of the Geezer. Their main source of income seems to be shipping contraband, including weapons and equipment used by the City Watch, which they sell to various fences, one of which is located in the Distillery District.

The Wyrmwood Deceit

Issue 1

By 1850, Roaring Boys have been smuggling exotic and forbidden weapons, such as Tallboys. A large group was operating on a dock in the Old Port District overseen by Dapper Rodney and Sly Harold when they were attacked by Corvo Attano, and then later members of the City Watch. As a last resort, they sent in the Big Lad mounted on a Tallboy to fend off their assailants.

Issue 2

Corvo attacked a known Roaring Boys den near the old Dunwall Whiskey Distillery in order to get information on Broken Tom.

Issue 3

The Roaring Boys search for Corvo with their boat on the Wrenhaven River after his altercation with Broken Tom. Later, Cottings's investigation starts to attract the attention of criminal minds behind the contraband operation. After surviving a deadly trap laid by them, she is followed by Rodney and Harold and manages to ambush them.

Known Members





  • They dress similarly to the Hatters Gang from which they originated, and even wield pistols and cleavers as well.