A rewire tool.

Rewire Tools are used to change the wiring for fuse boxes so that the many technologies in Dunwall can be utilized to Corvo's advantage.


To rewire an object, locate its fuse box with a rewire tool in the inventory. Activating the fuse box will successfully rewire the appliance. Fuse boxes can easily be located with Tier 2 of Dark Vision . While in use, The wires connecting an appliance to its fuse box will be highlighted in blue.


  • Rewired Walls of Light will reduce enemies to ash while Corvo can safely pass through. Projectiles fired by both enemies and Corvo will still be unable to pass through the Wall of Light.
  • Rewired watchtowers will seek out enemies, while ignoring Corvo.
  • Rewired alarms will be completely disabled, preventing enemies from calling for backup.
  • Rewired Arc Pylons will electrocute hostiles, while ignoring Corvo.Template:Navbox Equipment
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