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Reports from the Oracle is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Day 18

Sister Allison, Recorder of Proceedings

Also present Sister Anne, Sister Margaret, and Sister Tabatha.

The following is the true and complete transcript of the uttering of Sister Anne, Oracle:

More incense please. Yes. The past and the future meld, I am without body. Dust, all about me. So thick my vision falters. It is greed in palpable form. Hiding a thousand evils. Oh, look, my Sisters! Heresy! Ten - no! Twenty wretches. Servants of the Void, vile Worshippers of the Outsider! They are assembled there this very moment, in a hidden alley, the ground slick with fishmonger's detritus. In the heart of the Dust District.

I am moving now. Still trapped in dust. Nearly blinded, yet I sense something. Other blasphemies hide nearby. A strange taste in my mouth. What is this!?

(And here there was a pause so long that Sister Tabatha finally broke the silence) My sister, has your vision ceased? Or if not, what do you observe?

(And Sister Anne answered thusly) I have a message for the Vice Overseer, tell Byrne to end this needless meddling into the Conservatory. And now, Sister Anne will be needing some rest.

And thus ended the session.

Truly and in complete detail,
Sister Allison


The note can be found on the third floor of the Overseer Outpost during the mission Edge of the World.