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Billie overlooks Timsh's house.

Reconnaissance Notes is a written note found in The Knife of Dunwall.


Timsh is vigorous for a man of his age. He's known to keep himself armed with a sword and pistol, even when in his own home. He's been observed to be generally restless and mobile, pacing throughout the building, from his bedroom on the top floor, to the lobby of the law offices on the ground floor. 

- Timsh keeps his mother's will in a chest in [variable].

- Front door leads into law offices lobby. Space is two stories high with balconies overlooking the lobby floor.

- The second balcony on the facade (glass doors) leads directly to Timsh's office.

- Top floor balconies on the right and left of the building. Easy access.

- A back door leads into a basement. It's kept locked, but a key was easy to find.

- A dumbwaiter accessible in the basement connects all the floors, but it's a one way trip. Once you get out, the panel shuts and the platform returns to the basement.

- Timsh carries a key with him. Any important chests or cabinets are locked with it.

- An apartment near Timsh's Estate has rooftop access to the Waterfront District.


It can be found at the Assassin outpost with Billie Lurk behind the billboard during the mission, Eminent Domain.


  • The location of the will of Timsh's mother changes from one playthrough to another. It varies between a storage room near the lobby on the ground floor and his office on the third floor.