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Luella Rat Gang issue1

Luella Price and the Rat gang.

The Rat Gang is a new criminal organization in Dunwall first introduced in Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price. They are led by Luella Price, set to bring chaos back to the city.


In the wake of Delilah Copperspoon's failed reign, Luella Price rounded up paid mercenaries for gruesome hits on the teams tasked with rebuilding areas across Dunwall. They wear rat masks to instill fear in their victims before slaughtering them with axes, knives and swords, leaving nightmarish displays akin to the Crown Killer.

Dishonored: The Peeress and the Price

Issue 1

A few months after Delilah's defeat, Luella Price and the Rat Gang slaughtered a third team of rebuilding workers. This time however, they left a single one alive to witness them and incite Empress Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano to investigate their string of murders. They also left a trail leading to the Distillery District in order to lure their pursuers.

Meanwhile, Luella and the gang abducts the democratic politician Archibald Wainwright in order to force him to represent Price's voice to the people. Later that night, two of them set explosives at the Dunwall Clocktower as well as special bonecharms to sap Emily's powers and hopefully kill her in the blast.

Issue 2

Using Archibald Wainwright, the Rat Gang incite a riot outside Dunwall Tower and use the distraction to set explosives at a shelter being rebuilt to kill more innocents. Luella Price proceeds to lay another trap for Empress Emily Kaldwin, who tracks the parts used in the explosive that the Rat Gang purchased from the Roaring Boys Gang. This leads her to an abandoned wharf at the end of the waterfront, where she takes out several of the Rat Gang members silently and non-lethally before entering the main building.

Inside, Luella uses another bonecharm - which she explains was modified by a dying scholar at The Academy of Natural Philosophy to reverse its Void energies so it would weaken those attempting to use supernatural abilities in close proximity to it thus weakening the Empress. Luella proceeds to pummel the Empress until she turns the tables, using her physical combat skills alone to overpower Luella and take out the remainder of her men. Luella is taken captive.

Luella Price is set to be put before a tribunal to face punishment for her crimes, leaving the future of the Rat Gang uncertain.

Known Members