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"Please? It's too late for that, Rapollo. Guess what happens next?"
—A Grand Guard, just before killing Rapollo

Rapollo is a merchant and minor character encountered in Dishonored 2. A member of the Grand Serkonan Guard has scheduled him for an improvised execution, one coinciding with the mission Edge of the World.


Rapollo used to have a sister, but she was executed as a punishment for insulting Duke Luca Abele. Her hands were cut off and she was shot by a firing squad, a fact that Rapollo and his good friend Kristo found horrible.

At some point, Rapollo made a less-than-legal deal with a member of the Grand Guard, but later went back on his word and reported the guard to the authorities. Rapollo was worried that the guard would try to get his revenge, so he turned to Kristo for help. Kristo believed that he would be killed or imprisoned for this, and begged Rapollo to leave Karnaca and stay with him at his house in Saggunto for a month or two. In low chaos, the offer includes weekly shopping trips and lots of food. In high chaos, Kristo says they will drink away the memories of Rapollo's sister's death.[1]

Dishonored 2[]

Before Rapollo managed to get from his home in Cyria Gardens to Saggunto,[1] the guard in question chased him down by a wall of light at the Campo Seta Dockyards. Unless Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin intervene, Rapollo is pushed into the wall of light and disintegrated. The guard then reminds his colleague that the official story is that Rapollo purposely ran through the wall of light before they could stop him.

If the protagonist chooses to intervene, Rapollo will flee from the scene, and can later be encountered smoking on some steps near the district's black market shop. Even if he did not see the protagonist, he will still thank them for saving him.

If Rapollo is saved but the guards nearby are still conscious, they will attempt to chase down Rapollo and attack him, usually ending in his death. If any workers see this, they will fight the pursuing guards, attempting to save Rapollo.


  • Rapollo was first seen in a trailer for Dishonored 2.[2]
  • Saving Rapollo gives the special action Push Comes to Shove and the achievement Stay of Execution.
  • The guards will prioritise chasing down Rapollo over attacking the protagonist.