Petrified Ramsey.

Ramsey's Improvised Diary is a book found in Dishonored 2.


I trust I'll only be locked away here for a short time. I intend to record my thoughts, for during a confinement, a gentleman must find way to keep his mind alert. Additionally, one should engage in strenuous exercises to retain vigor. Therefore, I have performed a dozen lunge style exertions for my legs. Feeling quite revitalized.

Day 4
I am frustrated to have been left here for so long. Though it is understandable. Duke Abele and Delilah have just acquired the throne and have many urgent tasks to perform. I hope I am not forgotten amidst their other duties! But how could they forget me? It was I who tipped the scales in their favor! Ten squats performed today.

Day 7
If I am meant to be humbled by this imprisonment, then let it be known I am humbled! Perhaps my role was not so important. Yet, I did play a part. And I hope to continue to be of service! Marched in place.

Day 12
Have they no pity? The briefest audience. That is all I ask. Empress Delilah. Duke Abele. I will grovel before you! I beg you! Don't you want to see your Ramsey crouch and snivel? I am ready!


The book can be found in the Imperial Safe Room during Death to the Empress, next to Mortimer Ramsey's petrified body.


  • The game considers it as a written note, despite being a book.
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