Radanis Abele is an unseen character mentioned in Dishonored 2. He was the younger brother of Luca Abele and youngest son of Duke Theodanis Abele and Duchess Callas Abele.


Radanis, the youngest offspring of Theodanis and Callas, made an early impression on the his father. The old ruler wanted him to be the next Duke of Serkonos because he rightly saw his eldest son, Luca, wasn't fit to be a ruler due to his violent behavior.

In 1828, Radanis accompanied his brother to study at Dunwall. During one of their forays about the city, they came across two orphans in front of their carriage. Luca goaded his younger brother to move the "wharf roaches" out of their way. Radanis swung his stick and killed one girl right in front her companion. Enraged, the surviving orphan ripped a decorative wooden gazelle from the coach and drove the broken ornament deep into his eye, killing him instantly. She then fled into the night.

Theodanis and his wife Callas were both grief-stricken over the loss of their son. Callas became so distraught that she commissioned to Anton Sokolov to make a painting of Radanis, "Radanis Abele's Incongruence with Time", as a tribute to her deceased child.


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