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Pull is a supernatural power available to Daud in The Brigmore Witches DLC, which allows him to pick up objects and bodies from afar.

Ability Tiers

Tier I - (2 runes)

At Tier I, Pull can be used to lift inanimate objects, such as whale oil tanks, and collect and pilfer items such as coins and keys.

Tier II - (4 runes)

At Tier II, Daud can use Pull to lift bodies. Corpses and unconscious bodies are carried automatically, and when brought close with Pull, living enemies are bound and can be choked out or executed.

Usage tips

  • If Daud uses pull on an enemy, any nearby enemies will be alerted to Daud's presence.
  • Tier I Pull can be used to steal items from enemies or to disable security devices while remaining hidden. However, the cover of the power module must first be opened before pull can be used to remove the oil tank.
  • Tier I Pull can be used to catch the Bottles of river krust acid used by the Dead Eels.
  • If a mine is placed on the ground, Daud can use Tier II Pull to draw an enemy into it.
  • Pull can be used on river krusts (even closed ones) to uproot them.
  • Daud can use Pull to uproot Blood Briars from a safe distance.
  • Daud can use Pull to bind an enemy as a shield.
  • Pull can be used to kill groups of rats easily: simply target one rat, use Pull, and the rest will die.
  • Tier II Pull and Arcane Bond can complement the survivability and skills of a summoned assassin.