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Dishonored 2 Conservatory

A room in the Royal Conservatory.

Proposal from Curator Haden is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


To Breanna Ashworth, Curator of the Royal Conservatory: Although we have never met, we share occupations; overseeing cultural artifacts and historical oddities, you in Serkonos, and me in Morley! I have heard much about you, and have long admired the stories regarding your exhibits.

To the matter at hand: I propose an artistic exchange. At the Morley Gallery of History and Sculpture, we have works by many of the greats, including Anton Sokolov himself. Additionally we have many unearthed items of a much unusual quality, which never fail to amuse and bewilder the public.

But we would like to broaden our coverage. To that end, would you be interested in an exchange? I’m particularly eager to get my hands on some of your own works, and your Conservatory’s collection mechanized fauna.

In high hopes,

Finley Haden, Curator

Morley Gallery of History and Sculpture


The note can be found in Breanna Ashworth's office in the Royal Conservatory during the mission of the same name.