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The Propaganda Officer.

The Propaganda Officer reads the news and announcements from the broadcast station in Dunwall Tower. He can be encountered by Corvo Attano during the mission Return to the Tower. He provides the non-lethal solution to handle the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows, by telling Corvo of an incriminating audiograph made by Burrows that can be played over the broadcast system. He will also provide Corvo with the combination to the safe where it is kept.

Transcripts of all loudspeaker announcements can be found here.


  • If the Propaganda Officer is killed, a female announcer will take his place.
  • The male Propaganda Officer is voiced by Gregg Berger, while the female Propaganda Officer is voiced by Carrie Fisher.


Male Announcer[]

Transcript Male Announcer audio
"Attention Dunwall Tower Personnel. A security breach has been reported. Stay at your post, and await further orders from your reporting officer."
"Attention Dunwall Tower personnel. An intruder has been detected and is assumed hostile. Any unknown persons on Tower grounds are to be considered dangerous."
"Attention Dunwall Tower personnel. Stay at your post while additional security forces arrive."
"Attention Dunwall Tower personnel. Remain on post until you receive further orders."
"Attention Dunwall Tower Personnel. All new assignments report directly to the Duty Officer."

Female Announcer[]

Transcript Female Announcer audio
"Attention, Dunwall citizens. Do not attempt to interfere with the regular transfer of deceased persons to disposal centers in the Flooded District."
"Attention Dunwall citizens. Do not attempt to interfere with the regular transfer of infected persons to treatment centers in the Flooded District."
"Attention Dunwall citizens. Recent revelations of the Lord Regent’s role in events leading to the outbreak of plague have necessitated a restructuring phase in the city’s government. Please remain alert for further announcements."
"Attention. Any disturbance in the region of Dunwall Tower this evening has been the result of a previously scheduled training exercise."