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"It won't do you any good to bait me, officer. But don't worry, I'll be fine. I'll profit. A smart man can come out ahead, even in the time of plague."

Pratchett is an aristocrat and the owner of a profitable cannery that packs and distributes foods sold around the Isles, including Dunwall and Karnaca.

Advertisements for the Pratchett Warehouse includes the slogan: "For the best Tyvian produce. Look for the Pratchett Brand!". These foods, such as Pratchett Jellied Eels, can be consumed by Corvo Attano, Emily Kaldwin and Daud over the course of the Dishonored franchise to restore health.

Pratchett is briefly encountered on the southern end of Drawbridge Way, located on Kaldwin's Bridge, during The Royal Physician, where he can initially be seen outside his home arguing with an Officer about the bridge's curfew, and commenting that a "smart man" can make money even in a time of plague. Afterwards, Pratchett enters and walks around his home.


  • Although Pratchett fights like a City Watch Officer, being armed with both a sword and pistol, he cannot take much damage and can be killed with ease.
  • Pratchett can be heard mumbling about his various enemies and how he plans to teach them a lesson.
  • Pratchett and Bunting share the same character model.
  • Harvey Smith believes that Pratchett died before the events of Dishonored 2.[1]
    • By 1852, advertisements for Pratchett Cannery show a Pierce Pratchett being the president of the company. If Pratchett is dead by this point, Pierce Pratchett is either his son or relative.
  • Pratchett wrote himself a reminder to help remember the code to his safe.