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This page lists Quotes made by characters who were possessed or witnessed the possession by the protagonist.

Breanna Ashworth[]

  • "Get! Out!"
  • "My connection to Delilah is too strong for that, warlock!"
  • "No! I've been doing this for as long as you have, sorcerer."

The Crown Killer[]

  • "Do you like it inside Hypatia as much as I do?" (while possessing Hypatia)
  • "I wonder, will this drive her insane, playing host to both..." (while possessing Hypatia)
  • "Get out!"
  • "Being inside my mind would drive you mad!"
  • "There are two minds here already. No more!"


  • "Nice try, Corvo. But inside MY mind is the last place you want to be."

Emily Kaldwin[]

Granny Rags[]


  • "Two minutes of bliss, with you inside me, my love."
  • "Curious, I can feel you behind my eyes."
  • "Someone's behind the curtain."
  • "Ooh, there's someone beneath my skin."
  • "Careful now, I might not let you leave."
  • "I know you're there."
  • "Oh, you want to ride along with me?"