Piero Joplin is a natural philosopher, an inventor (whose creations include an anti-plague elixir known as Piero's Spiritual Remedy, and later, an advanced Arc Pylon) and a member of the Loyalist Conspiracy who resides above the workshop at the Hound Pits Pub. Throughout Dishonored, Piero supplies Corvo Attano with ammunition and equipment upgrades, provided Corvo has the required coin to purchase them. He also designs and constructs Corvo's mask, which he gives to Corvo upon their introduction.


Piero is the youngest person ever to graduate from the Academy of Natural Philosophy, which irritated the Head of the Academy, Anton Sokolov. At an indeterminate time prior to the events of Dishonored, Sokolov played a part in expelling Piero from the Academy, creating a fierce rivalry between the two. Piero believes that if it weren't for Sokolov, he would be a Senior Fellow at the Academy. He also suggests that Sokolov stole several of his inventions, including his elixir formula.

Before creating Corvo's mask, Piero was visited by dreams of a boy dying. The dreams distracted him, making his work impossible. He then began dreaming of the Void, where he encountered what he believed to be death. Inspired by his dream of the Outsider, he began work on the mask that would later be presented to Corvo. Before completing the mask, Piero also created Corvo's crossbow and sword.

According to the Heart, the Outsider continues to visit Piero at night, giving him ideas for new creations in his dreams. An audiograph found on Piero's desk suggests that the Heart itself is one of these creations.

Piero and Sokolov ultimately reconcile their differences, possibly as a result of the shared danger from Havelock's men. In the low chaos ending of Dishonored, the two combine their efforts and develop a cure for the rat plague.


  • Piero is voiced by Brad Dourif.
  • Piero provides Corvo's primary source of income, selling items that Corvo collects during his missions. In terms of gameplay, this is expressed by Corvo's funds increasing when he collects loot.
  • Piero can be found spying on Callista Curnow in the bath, and has done so many times, according to the Heart.
  • At one point, Cecelia expresses an interest in marrying Piero.
  • Piero suffers from "brain fevers" that even his own elixir cannot cure.
    • The term "brain fevers" refers to an outdated medical term that was used to describe symptoms of encephalitis and/or meningitis.
  • Early promotional materials for the game show Wallace Higgins working in Piero's workshop; Harvey Smith confirmed in a tweet that Piero and Wallace's models were switched at some point between the making of the promotional materials and the release of the game.


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