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Piero's workshop.

Piero's workshop is located parallel to the Hound Pits Pub and near Emily's tower. It is where Piero Joplin can be found working on Corvo's mask when Corvo Attano first arrives at the drinking establishment.

The building's lower floor acts as Piero's work area, equipped with drills, vices, grindstones and other assorted tools. On the second floor, the workshop has a whale oil pump and tank dispenser. It doubles as Piero's living area, having a bed and desk. The roof of the building has a pathway between the pub's top floor and Emily Kaldwin's tower, and it is there that Piero places his powerful arc pylon that can used during the mission The Loyalists.

The workshop can be accessed in a number of ways. The most obvious is the large garage door that opens on to the area at the pub of the pub. There is another smaller door on the opposite wall that opens to the area in front of the pub, and a door on the second floor that leads to a balcony. Corvo can also make use of the large window on the second floor.

When Farley Havelock, Teague Martin and Treavor Pendleton decide to kill most of Loyalit Conspiracy, Piero's workshop is utilised by Piero and Anton Sokolov to hide from the City Watch. The doors and windows are locked and sealed, with the exception of the balcony window that Corvo can use to enter the workshop.


  • At the top of the stairs of the second floor, there is a blocked doorway that is painted with an oval shape, which has a note attached to the wall next to it. This note mentions a way of traveling through special doorways, which is a reference to the Portal game series, as the shape painted in the blocked doorway is a black version of the portals created by the portal gun.
  • The two doors to the workshop are locked when Corvo first arrives. The key can be found on Piero's desk on the second floor from the mission High Overseer Campbell to Return to the Tower.