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Piero's Spiritual Remedy.

Piero's Spiritual Remedy is the second of two anti-plague elixirs to have been created, the other being Sokolov's Elixir, and it is named for its creator, Piero Joplin. It is succeeded by the Addermire Solution.

When used by Corvo Attano and Daud, it revitalizes the mana required to perform their supernatural abilities. It restores 40% of max mana.

An editorial written by Piero attributes the mana-restoring power of the elixir to its ability to "revitalize the mind," as opposed to Anton Sokolov's, which only heals the body.

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  • Spirited I - Potions grant 5% more mana.
  • Spirited II - Potions grant 10% more mana.
  • Twist of Fortune I - Very rarely, using a potion grants full mana.
  • Twist of Fortune II - Sometimes, using a potion grants full mana.

The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches

  • Spirited - Potions grant 10% more mana.


  • The restorative is also called simply Piero's Remedy in lore books and written notes.
  • According to the editorial written by Piero, he did not provide the name for his remedy.
  • It is hinted between Sokolov and Piero that the prime ingredient in the remedy is made from river krusts.
  • Posters advertising Piero's Spiritual Remedy note that it is "known to stop sickness and to improve the emotional energy of women" and "cures torpid liver and chest colds."
  • No remedies are found during the mission Dishonored. Only elixirs are found there, with the first remedies being found in the Void later on.