Door to nowhere

Piero's door to nowhere.

Piero's Door to Nowhere is a written note found in Dishonored.


The "door to nowhere" has proven to be a safety hazard, but for me this project is an endless source of inspiration. With the proper application of energies, I believe I can transform the door frame into a window of sorts, one that will allow a traveler to cover the distance from my workshop to some distant, arbitrary point in a single step. Currently the step leads to a sheer drop, straight down into the courtyard, but in time it will bridge gaps that will boggle the mind. Such work is many years away, to be sure, but if I survive the plague I'm sure to succeed.


The note can be found on the wall of the second floor of Piero Joplin's workshop, to the right of the sealed door.


  • Piero's door to nowhere appears to be a reference to Portal, the smash hit game by Valve. When Corvo Attano ventures outside, he can view the door's exterior side - with the same symbol on it. It can safely be assumed this is an Easter egg.
    • Despite the references made in the note, the actual "door to nowhere" does not function at the Hound Pits Pub.
  • Similar "doors" can also be found in the Mystery Foe challenge of Dunwall City Trials. Aristocrats will exit the map through them if Corvo gets detected.
  • In Dishonored 2, there are no references to any such devices. As Piero is dead by this point, it appears he never succeeded.


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