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Pete's dead body.

Pete is a minor character and the head mechanic for the Hatters in The Brigmore Witches.[1]


Pete lived in an apartment in Drapers Ward, near the location where Daud begins the mission The Dead Eels. He is a trusted and clever member of the Hatters, supervising the technical side of their plague-dead shroud operation.[2]

Pete had a close relationship with someone called Maggy, who likes the color red and occasionally had to leave her gear in Pete's apartment.[3]

Shortly before the events of The Brigmore Witches, Blood Briars shut down the waterflow in the Millenary Canal, causing the Hatters to have to resort to alternative means of powering their operation, namely the engine coil from the Undine, Lizzy Stride's boat. Pete installed the component into the engine, but did not trust its reliability, preferring to restore the water flow.[2] He wrote a note to Mortimer Hat explaining that he was going to do this, but William Trimble ordered him to do so anyway.[1] Pete ventured into the Drapers Ward Sewer System to attempt to discover why the water had stopped.[4] He died in the sewers, and none of the other Hatters sent to find him returned either.[1]

His body can be found just beyond a metal fence near the entrance of the sewers.


  • Pete's old spanner was eaten by a river krust and he had not got a new one by the time he died.[3]
  • Pete and Nurse Trimble are the only members of the Hatters gang to know the combination to the engine room.[4]
  • One of the rooms in Pete's house has been converted into a ritual site.