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Sokolov's painting of the Pendleton brothers.

Pendleton's Family Crisis is a written note found in Dishonored.


Cousin Anna,
Morgan and Custis continue to resist my efforts and are no longer responding to my letters.

The servants tell me they've been absent from the manor for some weeks. My brothers have always been arrogant, utterly convinced of their own certainty, and they don't really give two figs for anyone else in the world, unless they want something and can't take it outright. But this disagreement over the upcoming Parliamentary vote has reached a crisis point.

Up 'til now, the Lord Regent has been somewhat restrained in his authority at least where the holdings of the gentry have been concerned. If Morgan and Custis vote in his favor, the law will be changed and we will all be at risk, aristocracy or not.

I implore you, if you know where they are, to speak with them.

Lord Treavor Pendleton


It can be found on Pendleton's table in his room at the Hound Pits Pub after the mission High Overseer Campbell.