Pelagia Themis is a minor character who appears in The Return of Daud.

Pelagia is the High Oracle of the Oracular Order whose word was essentially law. She is dedicated wholeheartedly to the cause of the Order and the Abbey of the Everyman and willing to go to severe measures to protect it. This includes risking the safety of her own followers if necessary.

The Return of Daud

In 1851, prior to the events of Dishonored 2, Pelagia Themis suspected an outside heretical force had been trying to twist the Prophecies of the Order to its own end. Fearful that the reports sent to Yul Khulan the High Overseer of the Abbey of the Everyman were being corrupted, she decided to take action.

Traveling to the Order's Baleton Chapel, Pelagia set into motion a plan to test her theory. Using Sister Kara, a young member of the Order, as bait, Pelagia hoped to get some insight into the nature of the unknown entity. During the Ritual of Prophecy Pelagia's plan worked to the point that the Ritual was literally killing the young Sister. In an effort to remove the stain of the heresy, the High Oracle almost killed the young girl but was stopped at the last moment by Sister Hathena.


  • Despite her seeming amoral attitude, the High Oracle does seem to have the Order's best intentions at heart, going so far as to realize the mistake she made with Sister Kara and thanking Sister Hathena for her interference rather than reprimand her.
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