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The Pendleton brothers, members of the Parliament.

The Gristol Parliament or simply the Parliament is the legislative body of the Empire whose duty is to keep the Emperor or Empress in check.


After the War of Four Crowns, Finlay Morgengaard I was crowned the first Emperor of the Isles and the Parliament was founded in Dunwall in 1626. After the end of the Morley Insurrection in 1802, Morley's ability to self-govern was stripped away, and their monarchs must answer to the whim of the Parliament.[1] In 1852, the Parliament was set ablaze by Delilah Copperspoon and her coven.[2] Part of the building was destroyed while many were killed and injured. All Parliamentary activities had ceased, at least until Empress Emily Kaldwin was restored to the throne.[3]

During time of crisis when the Empire is without a ruler, Parliament members also have the duty to elect a regent to temporarily govern the Empire until a suitable heir is found. This is to minimize incentive for coup as there is no predetermined member of the government to take on the position. The Regent does not have total control of the Empire either since there are also categories of laws and decrees that cannot be altered without a majority vote from Parliament.[4]


In order to become a parliamentarian, one generally must have money, power, status, or a combination of all three. Thus the seats are filled by aristocrats, generational landholders, wealthy merchants, and influential figures, most of whom are out of touch from reality and do not understand the suffering of the common folk. Anyone who shows empathy for the lower classes are often ridiculed and have trouble getting enough votes for their proposals.[5]

Known parliamentarians include: