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A bull rat fetus in a jar.

Pandyssian Bull Rat Study is a book that can be found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from lab notes - By Anton Sokolov]

The bulk of the rodent is hardly the most interesting detail, though it is the one first remarked upon by visiting colleagues who come to study my prize from Pandyssia. Upon further observation, it becomes obvious that the specimen exhibits greater cunning than its cousins native to temperate Gristol. Twice in the night I have awoken to find it loose in my apartments, so a new cage had to be devised. An entertaining diversion, but a waste of my precious time. The dietary tests I have conducted have also provided some surprise. The Pandyssian Bull Rat, I can say with confidence, is not a finicky eater. With equal gusto, I have seen my little guest dine upon other, smaller rats, living felines, and even the corpse flesh of a plague-dead woman found in the Wrenhaven River. Further study is required.


This book can be found beside a plague rat viscera in Anton Sokolov's Safehouse, in his quarters during the mission, The Royal Physician.