"First Beatrici, years ago. My wanderer daughter, setting off for who knows where, guided only by the stars. And now my Corvo, racing away into unknown weather."
—Paloma Attano[1]

Paloma Attano was Beatrici and Corvo Attano's mother, and the grandmother of Emily Kaldwin.


Little is known of Paloma's early life. She originated from Serkonos and presumably grew up in relative poverty in Karnaca. She later married a lumber worker, and the pair had two children, Beatrici, and, significantly later, Corvo.[2]

They lived a normal, happy life as a working-class family until Paloma's husband died in a workplace accident. Her son was still young at the time, and shortly after the incident she also lost her daughter Beatrici, who moved away to Morley. Paloma subsequently lost all contact with her, much to her lasting grief. When Corvo entered into the annual Blade Verbena and won, Paloma was proud of her son's victory and new position, but saddened when he was sent to Dunwall to serve the Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin two years later.[1][2]

She passed away in 1816, only a few weeks after Corvo's departure from Karnaca.[2]


  • Paloma's name can be discovered through her diary, which can be found during the Dust District mission in Dishonored 2, located in the abandoned home of the family.
  • The name 'Paloma' originates from the Latin word 'palumbus', meaning 'dove'.
  • According to Corvo during the mission Edge of the World, Paloma was highly devoted to the Seven Strictures of the Abbey of the Everyman, which provided comfort for her.
  • A sewing machine is located beside her bed, possibly implying that Paloma made her living as a seamstress.


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