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Daud receives a rune after completing Granny's challenge.

Page From an Old Book is a written note and a side objective found in The Brigmore Witches.


[A page torn from an old manuscript, written in a scrawling hand]

Dreary waters, hissing daughters.
Crack three green shells and steal their pearls.
Turn the spigot and drink from the misery of a broken house.
Gulp and swallow, follow, follow.
Three wet marbles down the gullet.

Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a birthday gift.



It can be found in the Brigmore Manor in an attic off the solarium by a chest during the mission Delilah's Masterwork.


  • The fountain needed to complete this objective can be found in a crumbling stone structure in the backyard of Brigmore Manor. The entrance is rigged with a tripwire and several whale oil tanks, and a few river krusts can be found inside the building as well.