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Oxrush in the Millenary Canal.

Oxrush flower is a plant usually found in the southern region of the Pandyssian Continent and one of three ingredients in an antitoxin recipe created by Nurse Trimble. Its blooms are colored amber or red[1] and it has a bright green stem. It grows well in fresh muddy areas.

An Oxrush flower can be found during the second mission of The Brigmore Witches in the Millenary Canal near the location of the rune dropped off as a favor. It is also available for purchase at Jerome's Black Market Shop for fifty coins.


  • According to a note written by Jerome to his friend Griff, Oxrush is in high demand among natural philosophers and alchemists and thus quite valuable. In less intellectual circles, the value of Oxrush is not common knowledge.
  • Oxrush can be made into tattoo ink.[2]
  • Oxrush flowers can actually be found all over the second floor of the Boyle Mansion but their name was not mentioned until The Brigmore Witches DLC.