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Overseer Pradclif.

"The Seven Strictures are seven lies. The High Overseer is the whelp of a wolfhound bitch. The Seven Strictures are seven lies. Seven lies. Seven lies."
—Overseer Pradclif

Overseer Pradclif is a minor character found in The Brigmore Witches DLC.


Sometime prior to when Daud finds him, Pradclif was assigned to the estates in and around the Mutcherhaven District to search for signs of heresy.[1] However, he was captured by the Brigmore Witches along with one of his companions, Overseer Marcus. After being forced to eat his fellow Overseer, Pradclif was interrogated,[2] but the witches could not get any information out of him, one witch noting that he is "well trained".[2]

The Brigmore Witches[]

Overseer Pradclif can be found on the second floor of Brigmore Manor in a room, sitting atop a bloody sheet. The remains of his companion can be found next to him. Pradclif is hardly lucid, mostly crying and begging, saying that he does not want to eat anymore.

If Daud speaks to him, Pradclif will tell him about Delilah's painting of Emily, revealing the coven leader's plans. The Brigmore Witches are successful in breaking Pradclif, as he renounces the Strictures, the Order, and the Abbey, and then is killed by a witch shortly afterward. However, Pradclif can be saved from his fate if Daud interferes and renders the Overseer unconscious before the witch arrives.


  • A note to Pradclif can be found in a small shed outside the manor, in which his fellow Overseer, Bertram, wishes him luck on his mission, mentioning that he sent him a copy of the Sixth Stricture in the hopes that it is all he will have to worry about.