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Overseer Jasper.

"Hello, Martin. I hear the second day is when the skin really starts to come all the way off. Is that true? Or is it the itching that really gets you? Or the rats?"
—Overseer Jasper, to a shackled Martin

Overseer Jasper is a minor character featured in Dishonored, who can be found in Holger Square near the stocks with former Overseer Teague Martin.

Jasper, being assigned to the Office of the High Overseer, is tasked with guarding the entrance to Holger Square during the mission High Overseer Campbell. He appears to bear animosity towards Martin, who is shackled before a pillar, and taunts him before going about his rounds.


  • He holds a grudging respect for Martin's bravery in the face of his punishment, despite his dislike for him.
  • Martin makes an insulting reference about Jasper's wife, implying that Overseers are allowed to marry and are not required to remain celibate.
  • It is not possible for Martin and Jasper to fight, since Martin cannot be released from his shackles until Jasper is neutralized.
  • Jasper also seems to hold little regard for the Abbey itself, as he can be seen urinating on the pillar atop which sits a bust of Benjamin Holger during his patrol of the area.