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Hiram Burrows: "Overseer? Why have you stopped playing? Check on him. At once!"
Watch Officer: "Gerard? Are you there? Of all the— I'll check on him myself."
―The Lord Regent and his bodyguard after noting the absence of sound from Gerard's music box

Overseer Gerard is a minor character who appears in Dishonored during the mission Return to the Tower.

He is a member of the Warfare Overseers assigned to protect both Dunwall Tower and Hiram Burrows after the assassination of Jessamine Kaldwin.


In addition to several members of the City Watch and even a tallboy, General Tobias assigned Gerard to help protect the Lord Regent in the special safe room built atop Dunwall Tower.

Situated behind the Lord Regent’s personal library, Gerard patrols the area beneath the war room and restricts access to any seeking to get to the whale oil tank that powers the wall of light protecting the war room. To aid him in this endeavor, Gerard has been given an Overseer Music Box.


  • Gerard's name can be discovered during the course of a conversation between Hiram Burrows and a City Watch Officer in the Lord Regent’s safe room after Corvo Attano disables the Overseer and he stops playing his music box.
    • If Burrows has retreated to his safe room due to Corvo’s actions in Dunwall Tower below, he will immediately notice if Gerard stops playing his music box for any reason, and sends a Watch Officer to check on him.
    • Burrows will question the absence of the sound even if Gerard was not playing the music box before Corvo removes him.
  • Gerard is the only Overseer mentioned by name who carries a music box.