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Overseer Franklin.

"[W]hat do the Strictures tell you about being imprisoned in a cell you could easily escape, were your legs not shattered?"
—Daud, in a note to Franklin[1]

Overseer Franklin is a minor character featured in Dishonored. He can be found in the Central Rudshore area of the Flooded District, in one of the pit cells used by the Whalers in an abandoned factory in the mission The Flooded District.

Overseer Franklin was one of the rank and file of the ill-fated Overseer attack force sent to the Flooded District by High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell. The objective of the Overseer attack force was to eliminate the assassin Daud and his gang of Whalers due to their heretical actions.

The assault force met with defeat due to several circumstances, the first being the preemptive strike by Overseer Leonard Hume, who moved his personal company against the Whalers before the rest of the assault force was in place. After Daud's return to his Hideout and subsequent defeat of Hume's company during The Knife of Dunwall DLC mission The Surge, the Whalers learned of the other Overseer companies and their plans.

The new information led the Whalers to flood certain parts of their own territory - most notably the streets surrounding Dunwall's Chamber of Commerce building - and to barricade other areas. The remaining Overseers, including Franklin, were forced into a narrow point of entry and were soundly defeated by an ambush. Most of the Overseers were killed by the Whalers, but Franklin lived long enough to be dragged to an abandoned factory and unceremoniously dumped into an empty tank, converted into a holding pit.

To taunt Franklin, Daud left him a disparaging letter making light of his faith and his broken legs. Overseer Franklin later died in the same pit where he was imprisoned.


  • Unlike most Overseer corpses found in the Flooded District, there are no weapons found on Franklin's body.
  • It is not clear if Franklin died from his wounds incurred during the failed assault or if he died while being 'questioned' by Daud.