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Overseer Fitz.

"I saw the High Overseer fall. All is lost. Leave this place."
—Overseer Fitz

Overseer Fitz is a minor character encountered in Dishonored 2. He is the only survivor of the Overseer's failed attempt to reclaim Dunwall Tower.


Overseer Fitz was part of the effort by Abbey of the Everyman to remove Delilah Copperspoon and her witches from Dunwall Tower. Although his main objective was storming the Tower and protecting Yul Khulan, the High Overseer, Sister Rosewyn of the Oracular Order gave Fitz a second task: if he found himself alone in Corvo Attano's quarters, he was to secretly search them for any evidence of the Royal Protector's involvement with the Outsider, in accordance with the rumors that had been circulating for years. He was to report back to Rosewyn only. Unfortunately for him, the Clockwork Soldiers routed the attacking force, and only an injured Fitz was left alive.

Dishonored 2[]

Upon seeing Corvo or Emily Kaldwin, Fitz will call them over, offering to tell them the story behind the carnage surrounding them. With the short time he has left, he tells the protagonist that he saw the High Overseer fall during the assault and warns them to leave the Tower as all hope has been lost. The protagonist assures him that they will end Delilah's reign.

If the protagonist has accepted the Outsider's Mark, Fitz will laugh at them, claiming the world is doomed. If the protagonist does not have the Mark, Fitz will wish them luck on their quest to end Delilah and restore order to Dunwall.

By the time the protagonist has dealt with Delilah, Fitz will have disappeared from the vicinity of Dunwall Tower and Kaldwin Boulevard, his fate unknown.


  • If the protagonist listens to the Oraculum, they can overhear the Oracular Order discussing Fitz's mission, and its subsequent failure.
  • Although he says that there is no hope for him, he will not die unless the protagonist kills him.
  • Apart from Khulan during the opening cutscene, Fitz is the only Gristol-type Overseer found alive in Dishonored 2.
    • He is also the only Gristol-type Overseer in the game with speaking lines.