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Archer and another Overseer in Campbell's secret room.

"I've told you a hundred times, Campbell is upstairs meeting the Captain of the Watch. He'll be busy for hours. Now keep looking!"
—Archer to his fellow Overseer

Overseer Archer is a minor character found in Dishonored. He can be seen speaking to another Overseer in Thaddeus Campbell's secret chambers hidden within the Office of the High Overseer, during the mission High Overseer Campbell.


When Corvo Attano arrives at Holger Square to deal with the High Overseer, he can witness Archer and a fellow Overseer conversing within the secret chambers.

The two Overseers are searching for High Overseer Campbell's black book. Even though the other Overseer states that Campbell "keeps it on his person at all times," Archer is adamant that the black book can be found in the High Overseer's secret chambers. However, their search for the black book ends prematurely, as they hear a sound and run out of the room, in fear of being caught.


  • When Archer and his fellow leave Campbell's secret chambers, they will simply disappear.
  • It is possible to make noise near Archer and his companion thus startling the two. They will immediately end their conversation, glance at the source of the disturbance, and then flee similarly to the way the scripted scene plays out.
    • Even if a noise is made and they hear it, the pair will not raise the alarm, simply disappearing as they reach the entrance.
  • It does not seem possible to actually engage Archer, or his companion, in combat as the only time they are present in the secret chamber is when witnessed through a barred window that allows no access to the room. As they vanish upon arriving at the room's entrance, Corvo never runs across them within the Office of the High Overseer.