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" Officer Cottings! Always a pleasure to help the brave men and women of the Watch!"
—Osric during a running fight with Officer Cottings

Osric is a minor character and member of the criminal underworld who is first introduced in the second issue of Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit.

The Wyrmwood Deceit Issue 2[]

Osric is engaged in a sexual encounter with a woman in his home when Martha Cottings kicks down his door and demands to speak to him. Unclothed, Osric leaps out of a window and flees, the Watch Officer close behind. During their running fight across the rooftops, Cottings avoids his thrown knife and dives into him, knocking them both through a skylight. Ensnared, Osric divulges all he knows about the weaponry being smuggled into the Old Port District, telling her to visit Wyrmwood Way and talk to Titus Grindle.


  • Cottings and Osric seem to know each other, as he calls her by name during their running battle before she has a chance to utter it.
  • Grindle's home turns out to be a trap. It is unknown whether Osric was aware of this when he sent Cottings there.