Oracular Order Divided is a written note in Dishonored 2.


A representative from the Sisters of the Oracular Order in Serkonos paid a surprise visit this week to officials at the Grand Palace, delivering a message that calls into doubt the Order's formerly-held position on the illegitimacy of our new Empress, Delilah Kaldwin. It seems that there is intense disagreement between the sects of the secretive organization.

While not a full reversal, the visit to the Grand Palace prompted the following statement from Duke Luca Abele: "It pleases me that the Sisters of the Oracular Order have come closer to endorsing our beloved Empress, Delilah Kaldwin. Her recent and valiant coup is an attempt at restoring just rule to the Empire, and I advise the ever-stubborn Abbey of the Everyman to immediately embrace Delilah as Empress, accepting her wisdom and authority. We thank the Oracular Order for delivering this vision, and we call for a day of celebration."

Meanwhile, Vice Overseer Liam Byrne, speaking on behalf of the Abbey of the Everyman, advises restraint, saying that the latest missives from the Oracular Order are still being interpreted and debated.


This note can be found In the basement of the Clockwork Mansion, near a window overlooking Karnaca, during the mission of the same name.

It can also be found in two locations during the mission The Royal Conservatory:

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