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Malchiodi's work at deciphering the Mark of the Outsider.

On the Ancient Alphabet & the Ritual Hold is an audiograph found in Death of the Outsider, recorded by one of the Occultist researchers, Malchiodi.


The topography of the Void is dependent upon reality to supply the base material for it to mirror. However, there is one place that has no referent in our world, though I know the Void sees into our hearts.

My fellows call it the Ritual Hold. Some say it is a cradle, others say a tomb. The Outsider himself resides there. To even approach the gate to that place is sacrilage, and even then the Void itself keeps it shut to living eyes. Truly, the Ritual Hold exists outside of time itself. It would be as futile as it is forbidden to enter.

These are thoughts for another time. My research into this ancient alphabet continues. Some remnants of their phonemic qualities are preserved in our oldest writings. The language possesses an unusual amount of diphthongs, reliant on distinctions in tone and pitch to convey meaning. 'Ch', 'th', 'sh'...

These symbols... I know the very nature of the Void runs through them. But is it a dead language, or the language of the dead? Perhaps that could be the title of my next monograph...


This audiograph can be found in Malchiodi's locked room during the mission A Hole in the World.