On Bakers and Electroshock is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


My electroshock machine provides insights into the human mind, though admittedly the subject is damaged or destroyed in the process. The advancement of knowledge is usually worth the sacrifice, of course.

Once, having tested it on a baker, I found that I could obliterate the memories of his life and thus his personality, while not impeding his ability to bake bread. I thought it odd at the time, but it's this exact effect that I wish to reproduce in Sokolov. Sadly I've never been able to reproduce it to my satisfaction.

Sokolov, however, is no mere baker. If he refuses to aid me, it's doubtful that the machine could be used to weaken his willpower without also obliterating the knowledge and capabilities that are so precious to me. Still, the thought of reducing Sokolov to a state of infantile stupor is satisfying.


This note can be found on a table in the hallway between the upper hall and the living quarters in the Clockwork Mansion during the mission of the same name.

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