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The Old Port District in 1837.

The Old Port District is a location featured in Dishonored and Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit. It is located in Dunwall adjacent to the Rudshore Financial District and across the river from Dunwall Tower and Coldridge Prison.


Old Port District was once home to wealthy merchants, owners of the many ships that crowded the southern bank of the Wrenhaven. As the city grew, those merchant moved to more exclusive areas, leaving behind their lavish mansions. Soon the mansions were split up into warrens of apartments for dock workers, factory hands, and other member of the lower class. As impoverished families crammed together into once stately homes, the condition of the district worsened and buildings fell into disrepair.[1]


As a result of the quarantine placed by the City Watch after the rat plague surfaced in the district, it is even more run down and empty, with physical barriers restricting outside access. The streets are relatively clean - no rat swarms, weepers, or corpses can be found in the area.

The most notable location in the district is the Hound Pits Pub, which serves as the headquarters of the Loyalists. The area also features at least one residential structure and a factory run by the Daiger & Dial Company, which still has smoke coming from its chimneys.

The district has many abandoned boats scattered around the area. Trash and hagfish fill the river next to the shore, and near the water the terrain is noticeably rockier than that of other districts. Most of the buildings are made of the brown and orange brick seen in many places throughout Dunwall, and advertisements are painted on their sides. The district has rails running along at least one of its streets so that rail cars can pass through.

Underneath the district are the Old Dunwall Sewers. They contain a large number of uncharted chambers,[2] one of which serves as Granny Rags' lair. According to a nearby sign, the area used to be an armory. The rest of the sewer is infested by river krusts and a few weepers.

The outskirts of the Old Port District are near to the Flooded District - right past Rudshore Gate - and very run down, with buildings in a severe state of deterioration. The only signs of life in the area are the weepers that roam the streets.

The Wyrmwood Deceit[]

By 1850, the Old Port District is home to a number of illegal operations conducted by gangs such as the Roaring Boys.[3]


  • Despite its abandoned state, the Old Port District outskirts features wanted posters for the murder of Lord Regent Hiram Burrows if he is taken down lethally during Return to the Tower.