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The book on the shelf.

Old History Textbook is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Chapter 12: The Whaling Trade

In 1631 Emperor Finlay Morgengaard commissioned the first fleet of vessels made expressly for the hunting and processing of whales. They were powered by sails alone, and so were at the mercy of the winds. Although these whaling ships were small by current standards, Morgengaard's fleet established the robust whaling trade we still enjoy today.

Modern whaling vessels are much larger and use steam power to traverse the seas in search of whales. Did you know that every part of the beast is used? In addition to canned meat and whale oil, there is also a flourishing whalebone trade. Baleen is used in roofing. Whale skins are processed into crude cloth. Bladders are made into wine flasks. Even the intestines are carefully harvested for their precious ambergris, used in many medicines and perfumes.

[Handwritten note at the end of the chapter]


Half of Morgengaard's whalers fell to the rough coast east of Morley. You can still see the remains of ships poking out of the water should you ever visit Arran. Also, there's no mention here that it was Sokolov himself who designed the first steam powered whaling ships! He'll tell you all about it if you ask, and he's sober.


It is located to the immediate left on a shelf in the small corridor after exiting the Imperial Safe Room in Dunwall Tower during the mission A Long Day in Dunwall.