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Corrupted Charm

A corrupted bone charm.

Old Charm Carver's Writings is a book in Dishonored 2.


10th of Rain
I found a sailor dead in the street. Dragged her to an alley to check for loot. Don't know what killed her, but it wasn't thieves since her pockets was full of coins and other things. The best was two nice pieces of whalebone. I made sure I soaked them good in her blood, just like my mother showed me, when she had the black bonecharm before me.

12th of Rain
I took out the black charm and strung it around my neck, hanging 'tween my paps. Started carving on one of them whalebones from the sailor, and it's eager for work. Too eager. So I speak to it. Calm it. You gots be patient, I say.

13th of Rain
Once that whalebone was still, I carved a curse round one side, then a sweet tempter on the other. Took me a good long time too. It's my mother's black bonecharm that makes it all work. Got warm to the touch and started to sing while I was working. This new bit of whalebone is sure special. Strong. Fetch a good price from a street boss or smuggler.

15th of Rain
My little charm is done. It'll make a gambler drunk with luck. Walk away a winner every time. Though each night spent at the tables the price is paid. Eyes going milky bit by bit. Till they're all boiled up like eggs.


This book can be found on the bed inside the room with the shrine, during the mission The Grand Palace.