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Oil Drop is an action challenge in Dunwall City Trials. Whale oil tanks of various effects are thrown at the player to test their marksmanship with the pistol.


"Shoot as many falling Whale Oil Tanks as possible."


Train cars high above the player will drop whale oil tanks of various colors, which the player must shoot to avoid being hit. Each tank is worth 250 points. At the end of a round, a horn will sound signaling the bonus round. Any tanks that the player misses will explode, causing damage.

Shooting tanks of each color (excluding white) unlocks their special effects:

  • Gold: Slows time for two seconds.
  • Purple: Releases a cloud of smoke.
  • Pink: Restores some health.
  • Green: Enables Dark Vision for 15 seconds. 

The player gains bonus points for not missing any tanks and for accuracy. The game ends if the player is killed by the explosions.


  • Emily's Doll is hidden in the bushes in front of the player at the start of the game. An easy way to find it is to hit a green tank, and then look at the bushes.
  • The difficulty affects the damage taken by missing a tank, but raising it will not result in being granted more points.