Notes on the Archive is a book found in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


The archive sent by the pharmacist is intriguing. I wonder how he knew to contact me? I will interrogate him about this when we meet.

Cienfuegos describes a place where the Void can be seen and traversed, and that such an entrance exists in the very mountain that overshadows this city. For all our years, and all our power, how did something like that escape our notice? I want to dismiss the notion, if just to preserve our pride. But I can’t. It is too enticing.

For now, I’ve searched through the records available to me, but there is no mention of this place in any newspaper or atlas that I can find. Not even the ordnance surveys saw fit to mention it. Does it exist?

If it does, then was this disruption caused by our ritual in Stilton’s manor? Or did some other event tear through the hidden boundary of the Void in the same manner? These documents suggest it is much older, but I can’t be sure. The Void takes delight in warping our understanding of such things.

I will keep this to myself, for the moment. It will be something to discuss with Delilah over candied chestnuts and braised hare in Dunwall Tower.


This book can be found in Ashworth's office in the Royal Conservatory, near the rest of the archive, during the mission The Stolen Archive.