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Duke Luca Abele taking a quiet moment to sit down.

Note to Grand Counselors is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Esteemed Councelors,
I won't be able to attend our gathering tomorrow morning, or should I say in two hours. I'm going to bed now. But I'm confident you will know what to do about that curfew decree. Buy more Walls of Light, give the Grand Guard greater enforcement latitude, ban all popular commitees, whatever is required.

But I want you to start thinking about something else. I have no doubt we'll soon bring the infamous Crown Killer to justice. Our true Empress Delilah wants the trial to make History. Prepare all the details. Bloody exhibits and demented witnesses. If I don't cry while reading the prosecution speech, you're all fired.

Duke Luca Abele


The note can be found during the mission The Grand Palace, in the chambers of Duke Abele.