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Doctor Alexandria Hypatia.

Note from Dr. Hypatia is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Dear Cyrille,
I'm working so late these days, I might as well sleep at Addermire. I know, it's not good for my health, and a doctor should know better, you are totally right. But I have the feeling I'm about to discover something important; something that will improve my Addermire Solution.

Would you be so kind as to water my plants for a few days? You'll do a better job than me anyway, I always forget them. Help yourself to an elixir in my reserve if you like.

I hope Caroline gets better soon.

Your neighbor and friend, Alexandria


The note can be found in the back office of the Winslow Safe Company store during the mission Edge of the World.


  • This note cannot be picked up directly. Instead, the key to Hypatia's apartment is picked up and the note comes with it.