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None Like Her is the short prologue of The Knife of Dunwall. Six months after killing the Empress and abducting her daughter Emily, the assassin Daud is filled with regret over his actions. The Outsider appears in his dreams, warning him of his imminent end and giving him a means to change his fate.


You can't forget what you've done. Killing the Empress and handing her daughter Emily to the Lord Regent haunts you.

Mission Details[]


Daud assassinating the Empress.

The mission begins with a cutscene as Daud relives a slightly anachronistic version of the assassination of the Empress at Dunwall Tower. As his men encounter unexpected resistance from her Royal Protector, Corvo Attano, Daud blinks to the gazebo, attempts to grab Emily, then stabs the Empress in the stomach.

The dream ends and Daud finds himself in the Void, surrounded by floating parts of Dunwall Tower. Standing near the corpse of the Empress under the gazebo, Daud blinks across the floating debris to reach the main entrance of the tower, from which emanates a strange white light.



The Outsider appears before him, stating that the assassin has piqued his interest again after many years, and confirms Daud's feeling that the killing of the Empress set in motion dramatic events that will lead to his demise.

The Outsider delivers to Daud "one last gift" that will, if not change his ultimate fate, alter its terms. The Outsider leaves him with only a name: Delilah.


  • The flashback retells the prologue of Dishonored from Daud's point of view. He also witnesses the Royal Spymaster Hiram Burrows regrouping with the High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell and other guards who previously left their post near the gazebo, after Corvo fires the first shot against the assassins. The Royal Physician Anton Sokolov can also be seen fleeing to the waterlock while the others move to the gazebo's stairs.
  • Dunwall Tower in the dream and the Void borrows elements from before and during the Lord Regent's reign. For example, both Burrows' and the Empress's flags fly from the building and Corvo uses a pistol with both reload upgrades
  • Billie Lurk is present in this mission. She stays in the room where the Whalers come from. Her involvment in the event is confirmed in Dishonored 2.
  • The Dunwall Tower and the Void exist on the same map, with the former being located very high above the latter, much like in the mission A Crack in the Slab. On the Dunwall Tower map most of the characters involved can be found, including Corvo Attano, who curiously enough says generic neutral City Watch Officer lines upon interaction.